Doctor Agatston, Author of The South Beach Diet Relents:

  “…if beer is your great love and you can do it in moderation,” he now concedes,
“then give it a try.”

The Drink Beer, Get Thin Diet

Summertime Is Coming—No More Excuses
Start Losing Weight Today!

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What They’re Saying About The Drink Beer, Get Thin Diet: A Low Carbohydrate Approach

“It may not be for everyone, but beer lovers
will certainly applaud his effort.”

     The Chicago Tribune

“Bob Skilnik’s diet book could be an entertaining stocking stuffer for the beer drinker on your list who needs to lose a few pounds.”
     The Atlantic Journal-Constitution

“Skilnik makes a take-notice promise in his preface: “With careful monitoring of your daily carbohydrate intake, you’ll be able to enjoy two or more beers a day and still lose weight.”
The Detroit Free Press

With a sense of humor and self-deprecating observations about his own diet struggles, Skilnik argues that the average beer drinker loads up on too many other high-carb foods.”
Philadelphia Daily News

“Nothing has kept the weight off until [Skilnik] developed this plan.”
Contra Costa Times

DietBookCover75“The book amounts to a low-carb diet plan, similar to many on the market, except that this one allows beer.”
Lexington Herald-Leader


Skilnik’s credentials for writing such a book are his…experiences trying nearly every diet out there in the past 30 years.”
Contra Costa Times

“Recommended for beer lovers BeerDietResultsGuy
who know carbs count.”

“Beer expert Bob Skilnik’s new diet book, The Drink Beer, Get Thin Diet, shows how to regulate carbohydrates without giving up good beer.”
Modern Brewery Age

Another classic explanation of misinformation from the Atkin’s site:
“A 12-ounce can of beer contains about 12.5 grams, but you have to read the label since carbohydrate content varies from brand to brand.” 

What label are they reading?



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How to Make a Margarita

The margarita is an alcoholic cocktail that is believed to have been invented in Mexico due to its use of tequila which is an alcoholic spirit that is native to Mexico.  The margarita is a very popular drink as not only is it very simple to make, but it is also quite refreshing.  There are several variations to the drink, but the most popular of all is the use of lime as its main fruit.  Nearly all variations to the margarita involve only different fruits being used.  This adds to the color as well as flavor to the drink.  Nevertheless, you need to taste the original lime version in order to truly appreciate this alcoholic cocktail.

Learning how to make the margarita recipe is not very difficult.  In fact, you may find it quite easy as the procedure in making it is very simple.  The margarita is an elegant and refreshing drink that nearly all bartenders know how to make.  It is a drink that is best taken when you are trying to relax, during vacations or at home with friends.

In order to make the margarita, it is crucial that you have all the necessary ingredients ready before making it.

The basic margarita ingredients include three liquids – tequila, triple sec, and lime juice.

To make the margarita drink, you need to use 3 parts tequila, 2 parts triple sec, and 1 part lime juice.  There are some who prefer equal parts of tequila and triple sec, but it is mostly a matter of preference.  This ratio is good for most people who love and enjoy margarita.

The first thing to do is to make the cocktail glass be presentable.  Take a lime wedge and wet the rim of the cocktail glass you will be using to serve the cocktail.  Once wet, dip the rim of the glass onto a saucer of iodized sale to make the glass rimmed with salt.

The next thing to do is to get a cocktail shaker and fill it with ice.  Then you need to place all the liquids you need inside the cocktail shaker.  Place the lid of the metal shaker and then shake the contents vigorously so that they take the temperature of the ice.  Now strain the contents into the cocktail glass you have rimmed with salt.  Add your garnish of lime wedge on the edge of the glass.  Serve and enjoy.