Eating Out?

I know. Sometimes you just have to have a burger, hot dog, pizza, whatever, from a restaurant or local vendor. If you’re going to eat out, know what you’re eating. Check out these links:

Arby’s—Extensive nutritional analysis chart.

Au Bon Pain—Links to a jump-off point for all their different salads, sandwiches, etc. Careful here. Lots of high carb goodies.

Baskin-Robbins—Ice cream and beer?

Boston Market—Downloadable PDF files of nutritional info.

Bojangles—“Famous Chicken ‘n Bisquits. Limited low carb choices here.

Burger King—Includes a downloadable nutrition chart of all their products, even broken down to Whoppers with or without a bun. Very detailed.

Dunkin’ Donuts—Watch your carbs and you can pull this off!

McDonald’s—Not quite as detailed as BK above, but has plenty of nutritional info to keep you informed and aware before you order.

White Castle—Did you know that the word “Slyders®” is now a registered mark? The perfect Chicagoland cure for a hangover.

Wendy’s—Nutritional breakdown for U.S. and Canadian outlets.

Pizza Hut—Nutritional Analysis…by the slice or the whole pie. Look under “Menu” for the link to the nutrition page.

Jack In The Box—Go down the page to “Our Food” and “Nutrition” as the subset.

KFC—Click on a food icon for the nutritional values of the Colonel’s finest.

Hardee’s—Click on “Nutrition Guide” near the top of the page or use their interactive option.

Subway—Jared ate sandwiches and lost weight. I’d rather drink beer. Open their PDF link for nutritional info.