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C’mon…Really, A Beer Diet?         

No, no…not a “beer diet” but a unique approach to low-carbohydrate dieting that allows one to move beyond light beers and on to full-bodied brews while still losing weight. The basic regime of the most popular low carb diets on bookshelves today follows a standard philosophy…initially restrict carbohydrate intake, then gradually increase your carbs as the weight melts away until you reach your targeted weight.

The issue of enjoying beer while following the dictates of the most popular low-carbohydrate diets, however, is always dismissed to the realm of light beers. Understandable. But as you increase your carbohydrate intake, once again enjoying moderate amounts of once-forbidden foods like potatoes, pasta and grains, not one diet “expert” takes into account that man does not live on light beers alone!

The Drink Beer, Get Thin Diet takes advantage of a worldwide selection of full-bodied, regular-brewed beers, with a full listing of their carbohydrate values. Over 350 brands of beer from more than 50 breweries are listed. As your carbohydrate intake increases, so do your choices of beer. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, except it’s beer we’re talking about!!

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Beer and snacks are like Sonny and Cher, Lennon and McCartney, Moe and Larry without Curly, in other words, one compliments the other. A distinct advantage of low-carbohydrate dieting is that many of the finger foods and snacks that beer drinkers like to enjoy are low in carbohydrates…think salted peanuts, Slim Jims, beef jerky, creamy dips, maybe a chilled plate of antipasto.

Next week-end, when you’re sitting on the couch relaxing by the fire or enjoying the warm summer breezes on your patio, have a beer and a handful or two of some of those “smart snacks” and think about all those poor low calorie dieters that are forcing down their “rabbit food.”

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