Time For A Diet?

When You Know It’s Time To Lose Weight On
The Drink Beer,BeerGlassEmptying Get Thin Diet

*        Your “six-pack” abs look like a half-barrel of beer hanging over your belt

*        Every time you pass a mirror you suck in your gut

*        You’ve been asked to play Santa Claus at the family Christmas party

*        You still haven’t thrown out your 25 year old polyester pants, insisting you’ll get back into them.
What the heck, bell-bottoms and low-riders have come back!

*        The wife starts calling you “Big Guy” for all the wrong reasons

*        Excess weight has slowed down or limited your…(ahem) sexual performance. A recent study from
the Harvard School of Public Health suggests the size of a man’s waist might have a relationship with a man’s
ability to have an erection. Men with a 42-inch waist were nearly twice as likely than men with a 32-inch waist
to report “poor” or a “very poor” ability to achieve an erection in a four-week period. This was after accounting
for age, smoking and hypertension, all risk factors for impotence. Sure, you’re not a young buck anymore.
The hairline’s receding and you’re already using Rogaine but do you really want to add Viagra to your shopping list?

*    You’re hungry all the time, and don’t know why.

*    You have energy slumps, especially in the afternoon or after a big meal.

*    You’d like to try a low carbohydrate diet but can’t stand drinking light beer.

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